About uCore
uCore is currently used in a wide range of sites using many different modules:
  • Top4.co.uk - Rate local businesses. Google Maps, GeoIP, Customer Login, PayPal, Bespoke search and listings.
  • Mind Positive - Psychotherapy with Philip Andrews. eCommerce Shop, News, Newsletter Subscription, Bulk Emailer.

What is uCore?

uCore is an open source content management system and PHP framework.  uCore provides extendable classes making it quick and easy to develop new functionality for your websites and applications.

Being open source gives you ongoing support and improvements from creative developers worldwide.

What can I do with uCore?

With uCore you can create anything from simple content managed websites to feature rich eCommerce applications and everything inbetween.

Supporting Open Source

uCore makes use of the following open source frameworks and plugins.  We believe open source software encourages unrestricted and open minded thinking.  This is how uCore was concieved!

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